We have seven antique Gender Wayang sets at Mekar Bhuana, but only four sets have casings. These four sets have been lovingly restored by founder Vaughan Hatch.

The most intimate of all gamelan ensembles, Gender Wayang is usually played in pairs or quartets with the musicians facing each other. This gamelan has a soft sound and is used to accompany shadow puppet shows, as well as wedding ceremonies, tooth cutting and cremation. It is considered the most technically demanding of Balinese music.

Our group plays several styles including Teges Kanginan, Sanur, Tabanan and Pacung, Gianyar. We have focused, however, on preserving the Teges and Sanur repertoires.

In 2008, our conservation of the Teges style was supported by an invitation to perform at the first world music festival in China, as part of Shanghai Expo 2010. We were also the first organisation to send professional Balinese musicians to New Zealand when we were invited in 1999 to perform Gender Wayang and wayang kulit at the Festival of Asia and Beat Gamelan Festival.

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