Donations of any size support our ongoing documentation reconstruction, restoration and repatriation projects, as well as help keep our centre sustainable. Thank you!

Here are some ways that you can send us money:

  1. Wise

Send us a donation from your Wise account directly to our bank account here in Indonesia. Note that the recipient is not Mekar Bhuana Centre:

Choose ‘Someone else’


Beneficiary’s Name: Putu Evie Suyadnyani

Country: Indonesia

City: Denpasar

Recipient’s Address: Jl Gandapura 3, 501X
Denpasar Sanur, 80228

Bank: Bank Mandiri

Account Number: 1450004652711

Swiftcode: BMRIIDJA


2. Bank Transfer

Bank: Bank Mandiri
Branch: Jalan By Pass I Gusti Ngurah Rai, Denpasar Sanur, 80228 – Bali, Indonesia
Account Number: 1450004652711
Swiftcode: BMRIIDJA
Bank Code: 008
Account Name: Putu Evie Suyadnyani
Address: Jalan Gandapura III, no.501X, Kesiman Kertalangu, Denpasar – Bali, Indonesia
Phone / Mobile: +62 (0)81246877087 / (0)81999191104


  1. PayPal

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