A family based centre, Mekar Bhuana is attached to our home and focussed around our garden, pavilion and studio areas.

These are some of the facilities and features at Mekar Bhuana:

  • Family environment that involves our extended Balinese family
  • Natural, garden setting
  • Two air-conditioned dance studios for practice and seminars
  • Outdoor pavilion or shady tree option for gamelan study
  • Smart TV for gamelan and dance workshop seminars
  • Choice of 11 gamelan orchestras and tens of instruments to learn on, many of them antique
  • Swimming pool and Jacuzzi
  • Organic vegetable garden with more than 20 species of vegetables and fruit
  • Three international standard toilets
  • Wheelchair access
  • Non-smoking both indoors and outdoors
  • Plastic free as humanly possible and maximum use of natural resources
  • Hygienic presentation of refreshments, many of which are locally sourced
  • Automatic dishwasher for cleaning dishes
  • Pedestrian only compound (vehicles are parked outside)

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