Take a private or group* two-, three- or four-hour workshop with two experts either at our centre or remotely.

Workshops are for people who wish to learn about the history, sociology and receive professional explanations by English-speaking experts and researchers about gamelan or dance.

This is the breakdown of the components of our typical gamelan or dance workshops where partipicants are taught by two professionals:

1. Explanation and demonstration session taught by a researcher who has lived, researched and performed gamelan music in Bali and who is a native speaker in English with demonstrations from our instructor (25%)

2. The practical session where participants can try many of demonstrated instruments or learn different dance styles (75%).

If you are interested in only learning the practical aspects of gamelan or dance, you should book private lessons. Note that workshops can also be combined with private lessons: we can even create a personalized program for you based on your interests or needs.

Contact us today for prices and details. Booking is essential and is recommended at least two weeks in advance.

*you need to have an already formed group as we do not have workshop groups you can join

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