Mekar Bhuana has both professional and semi-professional troupes, many of which have performed at major festivals and events both in Indonesia and overseas. Our troupes are available to perform at festivals, events, launchings, openings, hotels, villas and other occasions.

View videos of our troupes on our YouTube channel and look through our complete portfolio on our Linkedin pageContact us for details about options, availability and prices. Pay for a service here.

If you are looking for modern gamelan performances, Bali fusion, or just dancers using recorded music (which actually against Indonesian government regulation), we don’t offer any of these things so please don’t email us with such inquiries. We only perform classical and archaic Balinese music and dance, and dance is always with a full orchestra, and our prices reflect this.

We also regularly perform at temple ceremonies across Bali. Contact us to see if we are performing when you are in Bali (attendance is by donation).